Platform One

3D Animation / Year 2020

This is an animation based on the concept design of cities growing in the wilderness, conceived initially as a developing civilisation.

The Railway Stop Signal device is established as the triggering indication of animation. The lever of traffic lights acts as a barrier to the entrance and exit of this space. When both the signal lights are on, the traffic poles rise and fall, suggesting that the internal area controlled by the traffic bar is closed, and the buildings will grow up. Some train/bus station references inspire me a historical and steely structured sense. Therefore, metal materials and geometric structures are applied primarily in this animation environment. The overall models include geometric ground, smooth water surface, swaying plants, five types of barriers, different signs, benches, rough- textured stone piles, street lamps, rain shelter platforms, overpasses, and two large main buildings.

In detail, this model achieves to contain the texture of several metals, various stones, glass and plants. Each model is rigorously designed to the subtle part, for instance, rivets on the backside.

The combination of this model is designed to be interspersed by points, lines and surfaces; sharp edges are broken by smooth and soft objects. With consideration of the entire animation timeline, the layout of the picture reaches a level of density. Individual items have similar shapes or details for responding to the same concept. Including but not limited to using generators, effectors, fields and deformer, and forces, cappuccino, additionally played around with tags, materials and layouts.

This animation mixes surreal elements with reality, stimulating familiar associations with the audience. Each timeline from large-scale buildings to metal barriers or rivets have adjusted a slight distinction, so as to drive the audience's attention of main objects in different periods of time.