Interactive Soft Robotic Mechanism  / Year 2021

Log line

In the forest there is an expedition without a specified route. In between the trees and the subtle moss you can find mysterious soft creatures. They are lively and enthusiastic, but also fragile. So they wish to be taken good care of. You may slowly approach the inconspicuous corner of their existence.

Experience the uncanny and charming ambience. This is a communication between living beings, something innocent and within reach. Noiseless and intangible. The wind falls, the air soothes, all is at ease.

Ecomorphs is an outdoor interactive installation made up of soft robots that are sensitive to their surrounding environment.  The team modified 3D printer mechanisms to solder sheets of TPU sheets together into bespoke shapes that define the appearance and embodied performance of the soft robots. The installation utilises a variety of integrated sensing approaches that regulate air pressure inside the robot, detect human gestures, human visual attention, and observers movement around the work. This data is combined to choreograph the motion of the robots mysteriously living deep in a dark forest.

Collaborate with Jianan Shi. @sigua2021

We are working in Interactive Architecture Lab, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

@interactivearchitecturelab @bartlettarchucl @ucl